cropped-Pirate-1.jpg“Welcome to Easy Crafts Hunt!” ~ Captain Craftbeard

The hunt for easy crafts is over. We have assembled an easy to navigate website and collected a treasure of fun and easy crafts. Look for crafts to do on popular and obscure holidays. Discover crafts for everyday craft time for crafters of all ages.

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Popular Every Day Crafts

There are over a hundred fun and easy crafts to find on this site. Here are five of our most popular crafts.

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May Crafts

Holiday Crafts This Month: May

May starts off with Save the Rhino Day. Check out our video to submit artwork of rhinos. On May 3rd you can make a newspaper for World Press Freedom Day. May the 4th be with you on Star Wars Day. Make a Mexico flag on Cinco de Mayo. The very next day you can make a dandelion book on National Dandelion Day. On May 13 you can make a frog craft on Frog Jumping Day. May 19 is National Pizza Party Day so why not make a pizza craft. You can make a paper flower on Flower Day the very next day. World Turtle Day is May 23 and the perfect day to make a turtle craft and National Paper Airplane Day is on May 26. Last month we had an airplane craft video that featured some fun and unique paper airplane crafts.

Rhino Picture

Save the Rhino Day
May 1 
Save the Rhino Artwork Video

Newspaper Craft

World Press Freedom Day
May 3 
Newspaper Craft

Star Wars Crafts

Star Wars Day
May 4 
Star Wars Crafts with Captain Craftbeard

Flag of Mexico Craft

Cinco de Mayo
May 5 
Flag of Mexico Craft0

Dandelion Book Craft

National Dandelion Day
May 6 
Dandelion Book Craft

Frog Craft

Frog Jumping Day
May 13 
Frog Craft with Captain Craftbeard

Paper Pizza

National Pizza Party Day
May 19 
Pizza Craft

Learn Your Colors Flower Color Wheel Craft

Flower Day
May 20
Flower Color Wheel Craft

World Turtle Day
May 23 
Paper Turtle Craft

Paper Towel Roll Airplane Craft

National Pizza Party Day
May 26 
Airplane Craft Video

April Crafts

Holiday Crafts Last Month: April

April offered a variety of fun holidays that were the perfect inspiration for craft time. April 14 was National Dolphin Day. Easter was April 16 this year. We made Easter egg crafts and other crafts for the holiday. Earth Day was April 22 and the perfect opportunity to make your own recycling box. St. George’s Day was April 23. It is the perfect day for a knight, dragon, or castle craft. Finally, April 24 was Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day so why not make a paper craft of some pigs with a blanket to sleep under.

Dolphin Awareness Month Coloring Page 3

National Dolphin Day
April 14
Dolphin Craft Video

April 16
Easter Crafts

Knight and Dragon Craft

St. George Day
April 23
St. George Day Crafts

Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day
April 24
Pigs-in-a-Blanket Craft





Popular Craft Categories


Some of the best crafts to do are ones that take construction paper, a little bit of cutting, and a dab of glue here and there. They are simple enough that every crafter of any age can do them with little to no help. There is no limit to how unique and creative craft time can be with them. You can make paper crafts that help you with your colors. Any animal can be created when you have a little imagination and the right colors of construction paper. You can even make your favorite characters from a movie or TV show. You can make a scene with a race car, airplane, or train speeding by. With paper crafts, you can make anything out of this world and even the world itself. The possibilities are endless.








When it comes to craft supplies one thing that you can always turn into something fun is a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. With over a dozen different toilet paper roll and paper towel roll crafts on this site, there is a great deal of fun and easy crafts to make using these useful items. You can make a dragon to breathe fire and a knight to find him. Turning a toilet paper roll into a character is easy and especially fun when you make characters for Star Wars. You can make all sorts of vehicles including a train, airplane, and pickup truck. When you find yourself with quite a few toilet paper rolls you can make a log cabin craft to use them up. You can even turn a paper towel roll, or better yet the sturdy cardboard rolls that you find left over from your plastic wrap or tin foil, and turn them into a lightsaber.





Lightsaber Paper Towel Roll Craft



There are dozens of crafts on this site so it was difficult to highlight them all. Some of the fun types of crafts on here are ones you can make with empty baby food jars. You can make a variety of different picture frames to feature your favorite photos. There are several instrument crafts that help a child express themselves as well as working on learning where to put their fingers when they play. If you are looking to make a big craft you can build a racetrack or a castle. If you are looking to make a small craft you can make a flag craft with a popsicle stick and construction paper. You can even make a pirate craft, that’s Captain Craftbeard’s favorite category. Make something for your doll or action figure. Finally, make something for your play kitchen or do a cooking activity that is easy, fun, and delicious.