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The hunt for easy crafts is over. We have assembled an easy to navigate website and collected a treasure of fun and easy crafts. Look for crafts to do on popular and obscure holidays. Discover crafts for everyday craft time for crafters of all ages.

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Popular Every Day Crafts

There are over a hundred fun and easy crafts to find on this site. Here are five of our most popular crafts.

traincraft robotcraftrotated toddlerinstrumentcrafts airplanecraft artistpalettecraft



February Holiday Crafts

Holiday Crafts This Month: February

The month of February is chalked full of fun and craft-inspiring holidays. At the beginning of the month, you have Groundhog Day and what a better way to celebrate than with a groundhog craft. Make a pinecone bird feeder or pinecone bird feeder kit for Feed the Birds Day on February 3. Mark your calendars on the 4th with Thank A Letter Carrier Day. After saying thanks to your mail carrier, you can make a tiny stationery set for dolls or figures. February 5, is SuperBowl LI and there are fun football crafts and activities you can do this big game day. February 11 is National Inventor’s Day, why not make a robot craft. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is the 12th, so it is the perfect day to make a log cabin craft. You can complete a coloring page or a fun craft for Valentine’s Day. February 15 is National Flag of Canada Day so you can make a Canada Flag craft. Since kids will be off school on Presidents’ Day you can do a flag craft or Uncle Sam craft. Then the 22nd is George Washington’s birthday so you can make a miniature Washington Monument craft. Finally, the 24th of February is Flag Day in Mexico so making a Mexico Flag is a fun craft choice for the day.

Groundhog Day Craft

Groundhog Day
February 2
Groundhog Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Mail Carrier Craft

Thank A Letter Carrier Day February 4
Mail Carrier Craft

SuperBowl Crafts

SuperBowl LII 
February 4
Football & Game Day Crafts

Paper Pizza

Pizza Pie Day
February 9
Paper Pizza

Inventor's Day

National Inventor’s Day
February 11
Robot Craft

Abe Lincoln's Birthday Crafts

Abe Lincoln’s Birthday
February 12
Log Cabin Craft

Canada Flag Day

National Flag of Canada Day
February 15
Canada Flag

Chinese New Year 
Feb 16 
Paper Fireworks

George Washington's Birthday Crafts

Washington’s Birthday
February 22
Washington Monument Craft

Mexico Flag Craft

Flag Day (Mexico)
February 24
Mexico Flag Craft

February Holiday Crafts

February Holiday Crafts

Holiday Crafts Last Month: January

With a brand new month and brand new year, it was a good time to bring in the new year with crafts. The paper fireworks craft was an excellent way to start January. On January 5 it was National Bird Day. Why not make a bird’s nest using Easter grass and Easter eggs, or a pair of binoculars using two toilet paper rolls and construction paper. The middle of the month was the perfect time to make a dragon craft since January 16 was Appreciate a Dragon Day. This year the Chinese New Year began Jan 28, making it another good day last month to make the paper fireworks craft. January 29 was National Puzzle Day and finally, on the final day of the month, Inspire Your Heart with Art Day gave you the opportunity to make a paper artist palette or color wheel.

New Year’s Day
Jan 1
Paper Fireworks

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Spaghetti Day
Jan 4
Spaghetti & Meatballs

National’s Bird Day
Jan 5
Bird’s Nest

National Bird Day
Jan 5
Binoculars Craft

Pet Rock Craft 1

Old Rock Day
Jan 7
Pet Rock Craft

Police Officer Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Jan 9
Police Officer

House Plant Appreciation Day Craft

House Plant Appreciation Day
Jan 9
Potted Flower

Appreciate a Dragon Day
Jan 16
Dragon Craft

Toilet Paper Penguin Craft

Penguin Awareness Day
Jan 20
Penguin Craft

Random Puzzle Pieces Picture Frame Craft

National Puzzle Day
January 29
Puzzle Frame Craft

Art Palette Craft

Inspire Your Heart with Art
Jan 31
Artist Palette

Inspire Your Heart with Art
Jan 31
Paper Colorwheel


Popular Craft Categories


Some of the best crafts to do are ones that take construction paper, a little bit of cutting, and a dab of glue here and there. They are simple enough that every crafter of any age can do them with little to no help. There is no limit to how unique and creative craft time can be with them. You can make paper crafts that help you with your colors. Any animal can be created when you have a little imagination and the right colors of construction paper. You can even make your favorite characters from a movie or TV show. You can make a scene with a race car, airplane, or train speeding by. With paper crafts, you can make anything out of this world and even the world itself. The possibilities are endless.








When it comes to craft supplies one thing that you can always turn into something fun is a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. With over a dozen different toilet paper roll and paper towel roll crafts on this site, there is a great deal of fun and easy crafts to make using these useful items. You can make a dragon to breathe fire and a knight to find him. Turning a toilet paper roll into a character is easy and especially fun when you make characters for Star Wars. You can make all sorts of vehicles including a train, airplane, and pickup truck. When you find yourself with quite a few toilet paper rolls you can make a log cabin craft to use them up. You can even turn a paper towel roll, or better yet the sturdy cardboard rolls that you find left over from your plastic wrap or tin foil, and turn them into a lightsaber.





Lightsaber Paper Towel Roll Craft



There are dozens of crafts on this site so it was difficult to highlight them all. Some of the fun types of crafts on here are ones you can make with empty baby food jars. You can make a variety of different picture frames to feature your favorite photos. There are several instrument crafts that help a child express themselves as well as working on learning where to put their fingers when they play. If you are looking to make a big craft you can build a racetrack or a castle. If you are looking to make a small craft you can make a flag craft with a popsicle stick and construction paper. You can even make a pirate craft, that’s Captain Craftbeard’s favorite category. Make something for your doll or action figure. Finally, make something for your play kitchen or do a cooking activity that is easy, fun, and delicious.